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Energy Saving Tips

Energy cost can impact your business and family budget. Here are some tips to help you save money, minimize the impact to the environment and maximize efficiency.



  • Replace light bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified fluorescent lamps (CFLs). CFLs cost about 75 percent less to operate and last about 10 times longer.

  • Switch to T8 fluorescent lamp tubes with solid-state electronic ballasts that are more efficient than older T12 tubes with magnetic ballasts.

  • Turn off lights and other electronics when not in use.

  • Install switch plate occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting if there’s not someone in the room.

  • Install ENERGY STAR qualified exit signs.

Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Change HVAC filters monthly during peak cooling or heating seasons. New filters usually only cost a few dollars. Dirty filters are more costly to use and over exert the equipment.

  • Tune-up your HVAC systems with an annual maintenance contract. A contract ensures that your HVAC contractor will provide tune-ups before each cooling and heating season.

  • Install an ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat to automate your HVAC system. This solid-state, electronic device optimizes HVAC operation "24/7" based on your schedule, and can be "overridden" as needed for unscheduled events.

  • Plug leaks with weather stripping and caulking, which lets you manage your ventilation.


Food Service Equipment

  • Purchase ENERGY STAR qualified commercial food service equipment. They can save over 45 percent of the energy used by conventional models, which equals about $140 annually for refrigerators and $100 for freezers; deep fryers can save up to $180 per year; hot food holding cabinets can save up to $280 per year; and steam cookers can save up to $820 per year.

  • Service walk-in refrigeration systems once a year. That includes cleaning, refrigerant top off, lubrication of moving parts and adjustment of belts.


Office Equipment

  • Buy ENERGY STAR qualified products, which are the most efficient computers, printers, copiers, refrigerators, televisions, windows, thermostats, ceiling fans and other appliances and equipment.

  • Turn off machines when they are not in use. Automatic switching to sleep mode or turning computer off is a great energy-saving strategy.

  • To maximize savings with a laptop, put the AC adapter on a power strip that can be turned off (or will turn off automatically).

  • Use a laptop; they use less energy than desktop computers.

  • Unplug battery chargers once the batteries are fully charged.

commercial business energy rates
1st Service- Energy For Commercial Business

Reduce your costs and boost your bottom line! Everyone could use a reduction in their commercial electricity rates and overall electricity bill. The reality is that very few businesses have the time, knowledge or resources to obtain the best energy savings that are so badly needed.  This is where Get Energy Rate commercial electricity services really make a difference!

Get Energy Rate  will:

  • Review your electricity bill for most current rate and contract information.

  • Finalize a Letter of Authorization to precisely determine the electricity usage profile of your business.

  • Analyze the last 14 months of usage data that you or your staff may not have the time, desire, or expertise to analyze yourself.

  • Formalize a Procurement Strategy tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Prepare a formal Request for Quotation, including all pertinent information.

  • Send RFQ or pricing requests to the top Energy Companies in your market. (Approved Suppliers must meet our strict guidelines)

  • Analyze and evaluate the bids and recommend your best option.

  • Negotiate a contract with the winning bidder, with the best terms and conditions available in the marketplace on your behalf.

  • Ensure your contract is properly executed and implemented by the chosen Supplier.

  • Management of your Energy needs on an ongoing basis. Once you become a client, we contact you on a quarterly basis to review all of your accounts and be certain your contract still fits your user profile. Should an opportunity exist to renegotiate your rates, we will do so proactively! As a value add, our Commercial Energy Consultants will handle any and all matters related to your utility company… billing issues, address changes, location drops/adds etc. Call us and we will handle the rest.

solar and renewable energy rates
solar power panels installation
2nd Service- Solar and Renewable Energy

When businesses decide they would rather purchase renewable energy than continue to support fossil fuels, they have limited options.  They can install an onsite generation system like a solar panels or buy  renewable energy credits (RECs) from an electricity broker or utility.

There are many common misconceptions about purchasing green power from a utility versus an independent broker.  It might  make sense to challenge your current beliefs.


Myth #1

If I go through my utility, I’m buying clean energy.  If I buy RECs, I am just buying an “offset” that is inherently less valuable than buying green power.

When you buy green power from a utility, all you are buying is delivered power and a REC together on one bill: your electricity and an “offset.”  RECs are simply the way green power is tracked and traded in North America – whether in a utility program or direct purchase.  Unfortunately, there is no way for the utility to guarantee that the actual electrons produced at a wind or solar farm find their way across the miles of power lines to your specific  business.  Clean electrons just get mixed in with all the other power from carbon-based sources (e.g. coal) and delivered to whatever energy user is closest or most convenient.

Whether you buy green power from a utility or from an independent broker like Get Energy Rate, you are ensuring that the amount of electricity you use has been injected onto the national power grid from a renewable source and that you are the only one who can claim that clean energy.  RECs are RECs whether they are bundled with your electric bill or purchased separately from your delivered power.

Myth #2

Buying green power through my utility does more to encourage the growth of renewables than buying RECs directly.

Wind developers need to sell their RECs to encourage the growth of new facilities.  Whether the RECs are sold to a utility or a REC retailer before they are sold to you makes no difference.

Most utilities are still primarily profit-driven, fossil fuel-based companies.  While some are truly committed to sustainability, many are not actively pursuing new renewable sources of energy unless mandated by law.

Buying RECs, be it through a utility or directly from a broker, helps encourage green power developers to build new wind farms, solar plants, and other facilities.  As to whether buying from the utility provides more encouragement than buying directly, it’s safe to say that most utilities make decisions to support renewables vs. fossil fuels based solely on legislation and profit rather than the number of RECs actually sold through their green power programs.

Myth #3

I can’t purchase Green Energy because I have an electricity contract that doesn’t expire for another ten months.

You can purchase RECs regardless of whether you have an electricity contract or no.  In fact, you can even purchase RECs in states that do not offer deregulated electricity.  This means that any company can offset their carbon footprint from electricity up to 100% buy purchasing RECs.  You can contract for as little or as much annual electricity usage as you would like.  And it only takes a single payment, if you would like.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are a bargain.

As of 5/29/2012, you can buy RECS at surprisingly low prices to offset all or some of your carbon footprint.  If you use 1,000,000 kWh/year, you can offset 100% of your carbon footprint for only $2,580/year, even if you already have an electricity supply contract in place.

residential home energy rates
3rd Service- Residential Homes


We work with some of the best residential energy suppliers in the industry. The energy rates they offer our customers is the reason why most of our customers renew with us. We have no deposit energy suppliers and even energy suppliers who work with our customers that have bad or poor credit. 

We are currently working on adding more residential energy suppliers to our website. We have a strict policy that we adhere by before any suppliers can be added. We will keep you updated on the process and as soon as they are approved they will be added to the system. Thanks for your understanding. 


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