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Energy Broker:Unlimited Income Potential

When it comes to home-based business opportunities, you’ve probably heard it before. Something like, “Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!” or “Fame and fortune can be yours!”

At Get Energy Rate, we’re not selling the hype. There’s no entry fee or member’s kit, and no “downline” you have to coax into doing the selling for you. What we’re offering is simply a thoroughly trained, fully supported, work-at-your own pace profession.

The idea is simple: help educate your customers on the power of energy choice. Guide them through the evaluation of alternate energy suppliers and the comparative shopping process, and help them save money on their electricity and natural gas bill they have to pay anyway.

It’s all made possible by energy deregulation, which splits the supply and delivery functions of the energy system and allows customers to choose their energy supplier. The fact that multiple energy companies compete for business means more choices and lower prices for the consumer. When a customer chooses an alternate supplier, they remain with their local utility for their delivery, which means they enjoy the same reliability they always have. In most cases, they’ll continue to receive their familiar utility bill. So you see, becoming a Get Energy Rate independent energy broker gives you the chance to truly help your clients while building your financial future.

Unlimited Income Potential

Get Energy Rate will pay you a commission on energy contracts you facilitate. Those payments are based on customer usage and, subject to certain conditions, continue through the life of the contract. Help your customer secure a two-year energy deal? Get paid for two years, in accordance with the terms of your contract. You are compensated on the basis of the total energy load under contract, so your commission check can be based on fewer big energy users or lots of smaller ones. You choose your target customer.

At Get Energy Rate, our energy brokers maintain a relationship with their clients as energy consultants, answering any questions that arise throughout the duration of the energy contract. Our collective goal is to build long-term relationships built on trust and extraordinary customer service. When your customer’s contracts come due, you’ll be there to help them through the process again. This time, though, it will be more familiar to both of you. Renewals don’t require quite as much heavy lifting.

So when you’ve been at it awhile, and start adding renewal customers to your steady stream of new ones, you’ll be building a book of business that can realize significant residual income.

How do commissions work when you are an independent energy broker?


Commissions:  If you are thinking about being an independent energy broker, you obviously want to obtain the best compensation plan that is available. Get Energy Rate has a very unique structure in the compensation plan that we offer.

  • Independent energy brokers receive 20% - 50% of the first year commission, as an advance, just two weeks after you submit a signed customer contract.

  • Money is transferred directly to your bank account every other Friday based on your sales from the previous week.

  • Monthly residuals are paid once the advance has been repaid through receipt of commissions from the contracted supplier.

  • We do not dictate the number of mils that you add onto your deals.  You decide the margin added, subject to the rules of each quoting electricity and natural gas supplier.

  • Our starting commission is 20% upfront commission or 30% monthly of whatever margin you add to your deal, this grows up to 50% based on your performance.

  • Bonuses for multi-year customer contracts

  • Our pricing is completely transparent, so 20% - 50% of the margin is more commission than other energy broker company. You see, some brokers provide you with prices that already have their margin built in, so they can offer you a flat 2 to 3 mils.  But you’ll earn less that way.  Our commission plan ramps up to 50% as your performance grows.

  • You can also receive commission overrides (5%-10%) on any sub agents that you recommend to Get Energy Rate.


Commissions in the energy business are based on adders to the quoted price. In the electricity world, you add mils, where a mil = 1/10 of a penny or $0.001.  In the natural gas business, you add cents per decatherm, where a decatherm is equal to 10 therms.  So if you add $0.25/decatherm to a gas price, the gross margin will be 2.5¢ per therm.  We are the energy broker of record so you will never be working with a middleman.  From a customer’s perspective, we run an efficient operation, which means the customer saves on their electricity and natural gas cost. If they bought directly from the energy supplier, their pricing would be the same…if they knew of the low prices suppliers that we recommend.  But those suppliers often only use brokers, since their sales cost is lower!

Your commission is 20% or 30% of this amount, rising to 50% if you are a serious performer. You receive 20% of the first year’s commission as an advance against commissions two weeks after your customer contract is signed, with monthly residuals paid for as long as the customer remains a customer. With good customer relations, you should be able to maintain most of your customers for many, many years.  When you are evaluating brokers to partner with, understand their cost structure and pricing.  Some brokers will pad the prices they provide you and offer you higher percentages, but your take home money is not as high as you may think. You should not expect to obtain a large number of mils on large deals. We run a reputable business and want our customers for life. This means that the margins added need to be reasonable relative to the deal size.

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Q: Is there a chance for service disruption when choosing an alternate supplier?

A: No, the switch to a new supplier is handled seamlessly by the local utility. The reliability of service remains the same, regardless of which company supplies the energy.

Q: Can Get Energy Rate energy brokers sign up residential accounts, too?

A: Yes, in limited circumstances. Talk to us for details.

Q: How will I be compensated?

A: Once your clients complete with switch process to a new supplier (i.e. go “on flow,”) you will be paid a percentage of their monthly usage. Usage is measured in kilowatt hours (electric) or therms (natural gas). Exact compensation rates will be disclosed during the interview process and included in your contract.

Q: How often will I be paid? What is residual income?

A: You will receive a monthly check, based on your clients’ usage, every month that they remain a customer. Residual income means that you continue to get paid long after the ink is dry on the energy contract, subject to certain conditions that are addressed in your agent contract.

Q: Can I get paid up front?

A: Get Energy Rate does offer an Advance Payment Plan, which allows you to get paid faster through us than you might through a supplier directly. Restrictions apply, of course, but we’d be happy to share the details.

Q: Is there a fee to join?

A: No. You’re not really “joining” anything. This is an opportunity for you to start a home-based business as a commercial and residential energy broker, or to build your existing business through the support of an established organization.

Q: Is this multi-level marketing?

A: No. While we encourage you to share the Get Energy Rate opportunity with your friends and family, you will not be compensated them for their efforts unless they become a energy broker with us.


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