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City of Sugar Land, TX

Sugar Land, Texas Electricity Information

We currently offer electricity rates and plans in Sugar Land:

One of the very first settlers in Sugar Land, Texas was a man known as Mr. Williams. He called the land, ‘Oakland Plantation’ due to the different varieties of oak that grew everywhere. In 1838, his brother purchased the land and together, they ran a cotton, corn and sugarcane plantation. A few years later, Benjamin Terry purchased the plantation from the Williams family. He is remembered for forming the first Texas Ranger Division and for changing the city’s name to Sugar Land.

Starting around 1879, the town started to expand around a sugar-refining plant. The company provided many things for their employees including, housing, schools, hospitals and other businesses. As the company expanded, so did Sugar Land. The city began to attract major businesses in the 1980s, which has since helped to significantly increase the population. The first City Hall was built within a former shoe store that only had 2 rooms, and a few desks and chairs!

While currently serving as one of the top Fixed Based Operators in America, the origins of Sugar Land Regional Airport tells a much different story. Starting as a single runway in a goat pasture, it was developed by a dentist who taught at the University of Texas at Houston as well as managed a private practice. For 20 years, his free time was spent using his plane (and his single runway) to visit 17 prisons in the area in order to help the inmates.

Sugar Land is currently one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Texas.


Energy Deregulation in Sugar Land

Following Texas’ lead, in 2002, Sugar Land joined the ranks of energy deregulated cities with America. Since that time, the major monopolies within the energy industry have been managing and maintaining the delivery of energy to its consumers. The supply of energy opened up to competition, allowing companies known as Retail Electricity Providers to offer different rates and services.

Since the market opened to this type of competition, customers now have the option to choose who supplies their electricity. This ensures that the electricity suppliers continuously offer the best energy solutions to their customers in order to remain in business.


Sugar Land Electricity Providers

Sugar Land has many electricity providers available for consumers to choose from. While they are similar to providers in other areas of the state, it is important to check out their different rates and services before switching. Making the right choice for your home or business’ electricity needs is an important part of energy deregulation.

The electricity providers that offer energy services in Sugar Land include,

  • 4Change Energy

  • Pennywise Power

  • Reliant

  • Direct Energy

  • Bounce Energy

  • Green Mountain Energy

  • Cirro Energy

  • Payless Power

  • Champion Energy Services


Sugar Land Energy Industry

Similar to Houston, Sugar Land has a significant impact on the energy industry as several Fortune 500 energy companies have offices in the area. The energy industry in Sugar Land is one of the largest and most profitable for the city. These companies include, Sclumberger Technology Center, Flour Services, Bechtel Equipment Operations, and Baker Hughes.

The energy industry in Sugar Land is particularly interested in petroleum exploration or oil and gas exploration as well as refining.


Other Major Industries in Sugar Land

Corporate Headquarters: Sugar Land is known for one of the best places for businesses to relocate or expand due to the fact that the city has an economic development program. Currently, the following corporate headquarters or major corporations are located within the city: NALCO Champion, Tranontina USA, Noble Drilling Services Incorporated, Texas Instruments, and Minute Maid.

Health Care: Sugar Land is home to many different health care centers with state of the art facilities. Overall the city has more than 10,000,000 square feet of health care space with over 600 hospital beds. These facilities offer both specialty and full-care services and include, MD Anderson Regional Care Center, St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, and Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital.

Education: With several high schools ranked amongst the best in the United States, Sugar Land is responsible for educating the highest population of students in the region.

Other notable industries in Sugar Land include,

  • Financial Institutions

  • Retail & Entertainment

  • City Employment

  • Software


Quick Sugar Land Stats

Benefiting from several strong and diverse industries, Sugar Land has defined itself as one of the fastest growing cities within the United States. There is however, more to know about the area than it the state of its economy. Take a look at the following stats for more information.

Estimated 2016 population: 86,367
Land Area: 64.5 kilometers squared
Total Number of Households: 
Median Household Income: $105,400
Median Age: 41
City Employees: 711
Number of Firefighters: 115
Number of Police Officers: 151
Cost of Living (US average is 100): 111.60

Sugar Land’s Major Utilities

Energy deregulation has opened the door for energy consumers to choose their energy provider. Despite this fact, utilities are still responsible for the delivery of electricity. This also means that utilities are the entities that take care of the maintenance and repair of poles and wires in the Sugar Land area.

CenterPoint – 1-800-332-7143

If you experience an energy related emergency or a disruption in service, please contact your utility for assistance. Typically, your retail service provider is not able to help in these types of situations and will direct you to do the same.

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