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City of Mesquite, TX

Mesquite, Texas Electricity Information

We currently offer electricity rates and plans in Mesquite:

Mesquite, Texas grew around a railway stop along a route that ran from Dallas to Louisiana. Officially incorporated in 1887, the town saw success through establishing farmland and grew, hay, corn, sugar and cotton. They had the unique opportunity to trade their goods due to the fact that many trains made their a stop in town.

Since then, Mesquite has seen major growth in population, which fueled the city’s construction of an exhibition hall, convention center and hotels. Today, Mesquite is one of the largest cities in the Metro-plex area and boasts a diverse economic environment and growing workforce.

Energy Deregulation in Mesquite

Like many areas within the state of Texas, Mesquite is an energy deregulated town. What this means is that consumers of energy have the choice over who supplies their electricity. This law, passed in 2002, helped to take power away from existing monopolies and make room for electricity providers to set up shop and offer the supply of energy to their customers. By increasing the number of companies within the market, electricity providers can offer more reasonable and competitive rates in order to entice people to make the switch.

While the market opened up for the supply of electricity, many utilities are still in business. They remain responsible for the delivery of energy as well as the maintenance of poles and wires in their respective areas.

Mesquite Electricity Providers

Switching to an electricity provider allows consumers to have some control over the rates, plans or products that they pay for on their energy bills. Within Mesquite, there are several electricity providers for both residents and businesses to choose from. These providers include,

  • 4Change Energy

  • Pennywise Power

  • First Choice Power

  • Direct Energy

  • Bounce Energy

  • Reliant

  • Green Mountain Energy

  • Cirro Energy

  • Payless Power


Researching an electricity provider before switching is an important part of the selection process. For more information, many of the providers listed above offer opportunities to discuss options with potential customers through their website, or over the phone.


Mesquite Energy Industry

While Mesquite has a deregulated electricity market and many of its industries heavily rely on power for support, there isn’t a major market for electricity. It is however a place where many retail electric providers have established their business.


Other Major Industries in Mesquite

Retail, Restaurants and Entertainment: A significant percentage of the economy is developed and maintained through restaurants, shopping and annually run entertainment. The Rows of Texas is one such place that offers options for all three, with over 100 options for dining, plus accommodations. Town East Mall is made up of 1.3 million square feet of shops, movie theaters, and even the Mesquite Championship Rodeo.

Commercial Business: The Skyline Logistics Hub is located in Mesquite and is one of Dallas County’s biggest industrial parks. Here, there are over 75 major businesses like, Integra Color, and Benjamin Moore Paint.

Transportation: With the Mesquite Metro Airport and nearby DFW airport, the city has the ability to move large numbers of people and product all year round. The city is also home base for the Union Pacific Railroad’s Intermodal and Rail Port Hub

The top employers in Mesquite includes:

  • United Parcel Service Inc.

  • Sears

  • Baker Drywall LTD

  • Pepsi-Cola Metro Bottling Co Inc.

  • City of Mesquite


Quick Mesquite Stats

Mesquite is home to a group of Indian Americans who settled in the region due to how close it is to hospitals based in and around Dallas. In addition to this fact, there are many other interesting stats about this specific American town including,

Total Population (2015): 142,230
Land Area: 119.6 kilometers squared
Total Number of Households: 51,987
Median Household Income: $50,525
Median Age: 32
Projected Job Growth (2013 – 2018): 8.6%
Cost of Living (100 is national average): 110
Education Institutions (within 30 miles): 22
Number of Restaurants: 5087
Number of Libraries: 97
Annual rainfall (inches): 34.7
Number of Public Golf Courses: 172

Mesquite’s Major Utilities

Residents and businesses in Mesquite have the ability to choose who supplies their energy. While REPs offer many different rates and services for the supply of electricity, utilities remain responsible for the delivery and maintenance of that electricity. These utilities include,

TXU Energy – 1-800-818-6132
Oncor – 1-800-344-8377

While REP are responsible for the supply of energy, utilities take care of managing emergency situations. If you experience an power outage or a see a downed power line in your area, immediately contact your utility for assistance.

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