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City of Humble, TX

Humble, Texas Electricity Information

We currently offer electricity rates and plans in Humble:

Pleasant S. Humble, a ferry operator for the San Jacinto River, established Humble, Texas in 1970. By 1890, Humble had a local school with 50 student, two general stores, two hotels, a church and a post office. Thanks to an oil boom in the early 1900s, the town saw an increase in growth. However, it also saw a steady decline until WWI and WWII with army training camps located at Moonshine Hill. During this time, many residents fell back on dairy and truck farming to support themselves and their families.


In 1970, the local government decided to invest in redeveloping the downtown area. Construction of a library, community hall, park, historical museum and library were all completed during this time. Today, the city remains as vibrant as ever, a tight knit community with access to work in larger nearby cities.

Humble is located within Harris County, right on the Texas and New Orleans Railroad and United States Highway 59.


Humble Electricity Providers

Electricity providers are organizations that provide energy consumers with supply related services. In states like Texas, many areas are energy deregulated, which is what gives consumers the opportunity to choose their electricity provider. Supply services are separated from utilities to give the market a little more competition, which helps to keep the rates low and manageable for all consumers.

Examples of REPs that provide services in Humble, Texas include,

  • Infuse Energy

  • Pennywise Power

  • Volt EP

  • Gexa Energy

  • Discount Power

  • 4Change Energy

  • Our Energy

  • Power Express

  • StarTex Power

  • Green Mountain Energy

  • Cirro Energy

  • First Choice Power

  • YEP Energy

  • Breeze Energy

  • Champion Energy Services

  • Think Energy

  • Pioneer Energy

  • Veteran Energy

  • Beyond Power

  • TriEagle Energy


Humble is one of the areas in Texas that is energy deregulated, however there are some areas of the state that remain regulated. This means that energy consumers don’t have the option to choose their supplier. For more information, it is best to contact your utility or the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Humble’s Energy Industry

In the 1900’s Humble was a doom town due to the discovery of oil. By 1905 the town had 10,000 residents and was the largest producing field in the state. However, by 1906 production slowed, causing the population to decrease to 7,500.


Humble Oil and Refining Co. was an oil refining company that established in Humble in 1911. Ross and Frank Sterling, two brothers and their sister, Florence Sterling founded the company. The company became a big employer for many residents living in Humble, Texas.

During the 1950s, the company expanded in New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma until 1961 when they rebranded under Enco. Enco helped to expand the company further along the West Coast. Eventually the company was purchased and in 1973, underwent a name change to fit in line with Exxon Corporation’s new vision.


Other Major Industries in Humble

Outside of petroleum, Humble does not have many other major industries. However, the city has a very tight knit community, which means it puts on many events throughout the year. These events attract many tourists and include,


Good Oil Days: This festival provides arts and crafts, food and entertainment for attendees — young or old. All proceeds from this festival go to the Humble Area Seniors.


Sports: Humble has many different sports teams including, Atascocita Basketball Association, and several football teams including the Ravens.

Humble also has a retail mall, where many locals can go shopping for every day needs:

Deerbrook Mall This retail mall includes many dining opportunities as well as a movie theater. Stores include, GAP, Hollister, Kay Jewelers, Spencer’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Humble Stats

Part of what makes up the industries within a city is that city’s particular demographics. In Humble’s case, its population isn’t as high as other Texan cities. However it is a great location for lower cost of living (compared to the rest of the nation). For more demographic details, check out the list below.

Total Population: 15,402
Married: 51%
Land Area: 25.6 kilometers square
Median Household Income: $37,834
Number of Households: 5,460
Median Family Income: $46,399
Median Age: 34.8
Average Family Size: 3.18
Cost of Living: 87 (U.S. average is 100)

Humble Major Utilities

Electricity providers help to provide supply related services. However, utilities are still required, even in a deregulated market because they are responsible for delivery and maintenance related services. In addition, should you come across any electrical related emergencies like, downed poles or wires, it is important to contact your utility. Electricity providers do not typically handle those kinds of events.

A major utilities in Humble, Texas includes,

Counterpoint Energy – 1-800-259-5544

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