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City of Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie, Texas Electricity Information

We currently offer electricity rates and plans in Grand Prairie:

Grand Prairie is located within an area of Texas that is energy deregulated. This means that energy consumers have the ability to pick and choose their Retail Energy Supplier. A Retail Energy Supplier is responsible for providing products and services related to the supply of electricity to a home or business.

Energy deregulation ensures that the price of electricity remain fair, by opening up the market to competition. With more companies given the opportunity to offer supply services, they need to make sure that their customers are satisfied to prevent them from signing up for services elsewhere! In an energy deregulated market, utilities are required to allow their customers to sign-up with a Retail Energy Supplier – even though they remain responsible for the delivery of electricity.

There are several electricity providers, or Retail Energy Suppliers that offer services within Grand Prairie including,


It is important to note that while most areas within the state of Texas are energy deregulated, there are some that remain energy regulated.


Grand Prairie Energy Industry

The Barnett Shale formation lies just beneath Grand Prairie. A natural gas reserve, the Barnett Shale stretches across 5000 square miles and touches a minimum of twenty counties. This shale is estimated to be the largest United States natural gas field with over 2.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas resources.

Many companies and other related entities are very interested in this industry and new technologies such as horizontal gas drilling, helps to ensure that this industry remains a major one for the city.


Other Major Industries in Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie’s population might be a bit smaller compared to other United State cities, however it supports many industries including, Research and Development of Aerospace Systems – Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (MFC) is a manufacturer, designer and developer of precision engagement aerospace and defense systems for the United States military.


They primarily support the development and manufacturing of missiles, rockets, and manned and unmanned systems for advanced combat United States military scenarios and situations. This company provides employment for about 2500 people within Grand Prairie.

Film and Sheet Manufacturing – Grand Prairie is home to Poly-America Inc., which provides approximately 2000 jobs to people living within and around the city. Poly-America and its sister companies produce and provide the highest quality polyethylene products in the United States.

Education – The Grand Prairie Independent School District provides the largest employment opportunities for the city, with 3700 jobs that support over 37,000 students every year. The district’s primary goals include, maximizing student achievement and the development of student leadership.

Other major industries include,

  • City of Grand Prairie (Public Administration)

  • Lone Star Park (Horse Racing)a bit

  • Aircraft Manufacturing

  • Warehouse Clubs and Superstores

  • Business Support Services


Quick Grand Prairie Stats

For a city with a long and colorful history, Grand Prairie also has some interesting (and more current) demographics including,

Total Population: 184,620
Land Area: 81.1 square miles
Total Number of Households: 61,231
Median Household Income: $56,028
Median Age: 32
City Owned Parks: 52 with over 5000 acres of parkland
Cost of Living: 97/100 (below United States average)

Grand Prairie Major Utilities

Despite energy deregulation, utilities still play a major role in the energy industry. While customers in Grand Prairie have the option to choose their energy provider, they still must receive delivery services from their utility. Utilities in Grand Prairie include:


ATCO Electric – 1-800-668-2248
Oncor – 1-888-875-6279


When experiencing problems or issues with electricity, please contact your utility. They are responsible for the maintenance of wires and poles during power outages, and other electricity related situations.

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