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City of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, Texas Electricity Information

We currently offer electricity rates and plans in Corpus Christi:

On Roman Catholic Feast Day in 1519, Spanish explorer, Alonso Alvarez de Pineda discovered Corpus Christi. Settlers first established the city as a trading post until 1848, when American troops began to prepared for war with Mexico. About a year later, to help postal workers know where to deliver letters, the city officially adopted its current name.

Due to its close proximity to water, Corpus Christi is a lush area with a thriving community. It’s home to the the Texas State Aquarium, famous aircraft carriers, Botanical Gardens, Museum of Science and History and more!

Corpus Christi Electricity Providers

As part of the states energy deregulated market, Corpus Christi allows consumers to choose their energy provider. While utilities continue to provide the delivery of this important service, the market for the supply of energy has opened electricity rates up to some tough competition.

Retail Electric Providers (REPs) offer many energy alternatives and plans, which tend to help keep the price of energy low. Since customers can switch REPs at any time, there is a significant incentive for REPs to keep their customers happy with their current options.

There are many REPs located in Corpus Christi including:

  • 4Change Energy

  • Amigo Energy

  • Breeze Energy

  • Discount Power

  • Gexa Energy

  • Hino Electric

  • Infuse Energy

  • Infinite Energy

  • Pennywise Power

  • Power Express

  • Spark Energy

  • StarTex Power

  • Tara Energy

  • Texans Energy


While Corpus Christi is an energy deregulated city, not all areas of Texas can choose who supplies their electricity. The state as a whole is only 85% deregulated.

Corpus Christi Energy Industry

In 2013, Corpus Christi saw a significant expansion of their energy industry. Thanks to the Eagle Ford oil and gas shale, the southern area of Texas has added over $61 billion to the U.S. economy. That year, over $20 million in investments were announced from both international and domestic companies. Most of these companies will power their operations in Corpus Christi using natural gas from the nearby shale.

Other Major Industries in Corpus Christi

Tourism – Corpus Christi offers an incredible array of tourist attractions like, beaches, historical and cultural venues, events, shopping and more. The city sees about 8 million people each year, and approximately 74% of its visitors are from Texas. This industry generates around $1 billion in revenue for the area.

Other industries also include:

  • Defense and government

  • Aluminum

  • Glass

  • Seafood

  • Healthcare

  • Scientific and technical services


Quick Corpus Christi Stats

Corpus Christi has several interesting demographics including:


Total Population: 448,600
Land Area: 452.2 square miles
Median Household Income: $51,479
Median Age: 34.49
Job Growth (in 2014): 2.5%
Cost of Living: 1.4% (above national average)


Did you know?

With thriving Energy and Tourism industries, there is more to learn about Corpus Christi than it?s electricity rates and sunny beaches. The city also offers:

  • One of the oldest, largest working horse and cattle ranges in North America called, King Ranch.

  • They currently offer farming, wildlife and history tours to the public.

  • The 6th largest port in the United States.

  • Over 113 miles of beach.

  • The Museum of Science and History, which has replicas of the two ships Columbus sailed in: Pinta and Santa Maria.


Corpus Christi Major Utilities

Even though Corpus Christi residents can pick their REP, utilities are still responsible for the delivery of energy. Some of these utilities include:

City of Corpus Christi Public Utilities ? 1-361-826-4289
NDCA Energy ? 1-361-443-5215

Please keep in mind that utilities are responsible for responding to energy emergency situations. REP's typically cannot help and will encourage you to contact your utility for assistance.

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