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Compare Best Energy Rates- Home

   For most customers we are able to provide them with the best commercial business energy prices if they run their business out of their home. We also work with some energy providers that allow us to combine their commercial business and home energy usage together for better energy rates. We work with some of the best energy suppliers in the nation. We can almost guarantee that we have a energy provider that will meet your budget and utility needs.

*Please click on the energy suppliers below to get a same day custom quote for the lowest & best energy rates.*


APG&E- Affordable Electricity For Your Home

APG&E has built its business on the simple concept of providing value to commercial business and residential customers with great customer support. While other companies have changed over the years, we continue to keep our pricing plans affordable, simple and straight-forward. We provide you with the tools and information you need to help lower your energy bill, control your usage, provide price certainty, and manage your overall energy needs.

*Please click on the energy suppliers below to get the lowest & best energy rates online in minutes.*

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No Security Deposit or Poor Credit

The #1 most important thing: Know your usage!

The key to avoid overpaying is knowing your expected usage and comparing monthly costs for each plan based on that usage amount.

With things like gasoline, the “price per gallon” you see on the sign is the price you pay no matter how many gallons you pump.

$3 per gallon. Pump 10 gallons, pay $30. Simple.

Electricity in Texas is not as simple as buying gasoline. The advertised “price per kWh” is based on a specific, exact monthly usage (usually 2000 kWh).

And, each plan has a different calculation for how your monthly bill is determined.

Your effective “price per kWh” can only be determined by calculating your monthly bill, then dividing that monthly bill by your usage.

Advertised “price per kWh” can be misleading because it’s based on a specific usage like 2000 kWh. It’s best to shop based on the total bill for your home’s expected usage.

How do you do that when the math is complex, and every plan is a little different?

Get Energy Rate has already done all this complicated math for you.

First, we help you determine your expected monthly kWh usage. Then we show you the plans and their total monthly cost for your usage.

Only Get Energy Rate gives you the right tools to know you’re getting a great company to go with the cheap rate.

If you’re looking for the lowest cost electricity plan you can start your search right here on this page. Simply enter your zip code and you’ll be on your way to quickly find the best electricity plan for your household’s energy usage.

Switching Electricity Companies In Texas

Your current electric provider may take the end of your current energy contract as a chance to increase your rates.

This means that you should search for affordable electricity rates each year. You may save hundreds of dollars each year by switching electricity providers.

Switching is easy because your new electricity company handles everything including cancellation.

As you switch, you don’t need to worry about representatives coming to your home or any disruption in your power.

The switch only takes minutes and you could realize savings in the first month.

There is no loss of power when you switch. Electricity in Texas is all delivered by your local Transmission and Distribution Utility.

The wires and poles that deliver electricity to your home remain the same no matter your provider.


Here is some food for thought about switching plans:

  • Texas law allows early contract cancellation within 14 days of the contract’s end without penalty.

  • Some plans allow you to arrange your next contract within 60 days of your current contract’s conclusion.

  • You may find a new energy provider with a rate that makes early cancellation worthwhile even if you pay a penalty.

Electricity and Natural Gas Price Volatility

What you should know about changing energy rates or prices and how it affects your electricity or natural gas energy bill. There is an energy plan option available to fit any electricity or natural gas need you may have. As all our energy customers needs are unique we have teamed up with the best energy suppliers that can cater to all our customers needs and wants. They allow us to offer many unique plans from these different energy providers. Once our customer decide which energy plan is best for them then the hard part is already done. We offer fix energy rate plans and also variable energy rate plans for our customers to chose from along with different contract lengths from 1 month all the way up to 60 months. We are here to help you find the cheapest energy rates and plans because our rates are based off of usage and not just price.

Why Prices Change?

As a customer in a deregulated energy market, you are often told how competition helps drive down prices.  And it’s true. That’s because energy suppliers, like Get Energy Rate, buy units of energy in a competitive open market from energy companies that either generate electricity or process natural gas. We’re pretty good at it too. You pay less because we pay less.

Today's Prices

The prices you see on our energy rates or contracts today reflect our projections on what a fair and reasonable price would be for the term of the contract based on present market conditions. However, energy prices and energy rates go up and down over time with changes in the market.

How Fixed Energy Rate Plans Work?

At Get Energy Rate, our customers are able to “lock-in” a set price on each kilowatt-hour or therm for the duration of a contract. Energy contract terms range from 1 month to 60 months. A fixed energy rate plan will give you the best low, locked-in rates option. With this fixed energy rate option, you are guaranteed stability, predictability, and security for the duration of the contract length. As the year goes by, temperatures rise or drop, and as the energy market prices fluctuates up and down, your electricity rates will remain the same. Signing up for the fixed energy rate plan you can count on your energy rate not changing at all during the contract term. There is always a positive and negative benefit to each energy plan based on the customer. The positive side to the fixed energy rate plan is that you will benefit from a low, locked-in rate for as long as the contract term is. The negative side of the fixed energy rate plan is you will be bound to a energy plan until your contract ends. If you leave your energy plan early, you will have to pay a  early termination/cancellation fee. There are several contract length options to choose from, averagely ranging from three months to three years. This is a great value if you are looking for stability, predictability and security in your electricity and natural gas options. 

Why Energy Rates are Different for Different Contract Lengths?

The energy rates we quote on any given day are ultimately determined by how much we anticipate paying for gas or electricity over the length of the energy contract. The longer the energy contract, the more we may need to anticipate a higher swing in price over that time. That’s why those energy prices may reflect a marginally higher rate.

While today’s shorter term energy contracts may have a lower unit price than today’s longer term contract, this may not be the case when it’s time to renew.

Shorter energy term versus longer energy term contracts: lock in a energy rate for a longer time due to the influx in electricity and natural gas prices.

How Should I Choose?

When considering what length of a energy contract to select consider the following:

  • If you prefer the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your energy price won’t change for a long time, then a longer energy contract might be for you.

  • If you feel like it's a hassle to sign a energy contract and shop around for the best energy price, the longer contract may be the answer.

  • If you move often or don't want to worry about early termination fees, shorter energy contracts may be your best bet.

  • If you always like to find the lowest price, then shorter energy contracts might be what you're looking for.


But remember, it's very difficult to anticipate the future movement of the energy market and it's not necessarily cyclical. It's also driven by many factors. Be careful when trying to anticipate the energy market movement when deciding on the term of your energy contract.

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