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City Of Arlington,TX

Arlington, Texas Electricity Information

We currently offer electricity rates and plans in Arlington:

In 1880, Arlington had a population of 275 people, with eight merchants, one hotel and saloon, and only two doctors. Today, the city?s population makes it the 50th largest in America. Since that time, Arlington has served as an outpost, agricultural center, battle site, and is now an important contributor to the high tech industry.

With a strong sports culture, and a few world-renowned theme parks, visitors and residents alike agree ? this city a wonderful place to live, work and explore.

Arlington Electricity Providers

Most major cities within the state of Texas, like Arlington, are energy deregulated. This means that energy consumers have the option to pick their energy supplier. In general, energy suppliers are the companies or organizations responsible for purchasing energy from generators, as well as billing and invoicing customers. In Texas, these companies are known as, Retail Electric Providers (REPs).

In Arlington, there are many REPs for consumers to choose from including,

  • 4Change Energy

  • Amigo Energy

  • Bounce Energy

  • Champion Energy

  • Cirro Energy

  • Direct Energy

  • First Choice Power

  • Green Mountain Energy

  • Just Energy

  • Payless Power

  • StarTex Power

  • Tara Energy

  • TriEagle Energy

  • TXU Energy


Arlington's Energy Industry

While Arlington itself is not a major hub for the energy industry in Texas, Power Utility Company’s like Power to Choose still offers support to help residents choose a plan they feel comfortable with.

Other Major Industries in Arlington

Arlington benefits greatly from its location. Sandwiched between Fort Worth and Dallas, it shares many industries but also carries its weight as a significant economic contributor. Some of the industries Arlington is known for include:

Aerospace – Both local colleges and research institutes run world-class programs. These programs focus on developing new technologies surrounding wireless sensors, aerodynamic and detonation engines, alternative fuels, unmanned air vehicles and more! Arlington also has a 500 acre, city run airport with over 300 aircrafts.

Automotive – The General Motors Arlington Assembly Plant is the only facility in the world that produces and exports GM full-size sport utility vehicles. Opened in 1964 it has manufactured vehicles for Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Chevrolet. It employs about 4,125 people who manage the production of around 1,200 vehicles per day.

Medical Devices – There are over 800 medical firms in Texas. Arlington offers interstate highway and railway access, as well as a nearby airport to deliver or export medical equipment.

Alternate areas of interest also include the following:

  • Professional and business services

  • Industrial machinery

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Retail

  • Financial services


Quick Arlington Stats

There is a little more to Arlington than it?s major industries and energy options. Take a look at a few other interesting demographics to see for yourself:

Total Population: 365,438
Land Area: 99.7 square miles
Total Number of Households (2000): 124,686
Median Household Income: $53,341
Median Age: 30.7
Job Growth (in 2014): 2.97%
Cost of Living: 3.4% (less than national average)


Did you know?

With over 150 years of history, Arlington has quite the collection of interesting facts. Did you know:

  • In the 1930?s and 40?s, Arlington was the biggest gambling city in the country. Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde and Mae West all made an appearance at one time or another.

  • The statue of liberty can fit inside the AT&T Stadium.

  • It is where headquarters for the American Mensa, the oldest ?High IQ Society? in the world is located.


Arlington Major Utilities

Similar to Fort Worth, Arlington utilities handle the responsibility of delivering energy to residences and businesses. These utilities include:

Oncor - 1-800-242-9113
Atmos - 1-800-286-6700

REPs are not typically responsible for emergency related situations. If there is a downed power line, etc., please contact your utility.

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