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Energy About Us

Why Customers Choose Us?

1. We give customers choices with confidence: Recently other energy brokers and competitor sites have been accused of not offering a choice of the best products on the market to their customers. What we found out is this has meant that many businesses and consumers have resorted to shopping around themselves. We assist our electricity and natural gas customers by helping them save time and money when they use our Online Energy Rate portal. Here at Get Energy Rate our portal gives you direct access to a wide range of competitive, flexible energy products. In addition our service automatically updates you with changing electricity and natural gas prices as well as provide advice on how you can get the best deals for our customers.

2. Our Customer service is world class:

The energy industry has long been tarnished with a reputation of poor customer service. However we always strive to make a difference! We will always make sure we are very responsive, we follow up on inquiries and complaints immediately; we always keep our energy customers well informed, even if you haven’t got the solution yet. And finally we make sure we always provide service with a smile, therefore our positive attitude can be even recognized through phone calls or through our emails.

3. Trust in transparency:

Often as the middlemen in the energy procurement process, we face scrutiny in how we earn our money and if we are putting the customer first. To bypass this concern, we make sure you adhere to all federal and state industry regulations stipulated by the federal government and many energy suppliers. Every state provides information on how to meet and maintain there state energy guidelines on how to sell and service energy products. We set our standards higher than the state minimum requirements because we always ensure the energy brokers in our company operate ethically and professionally at all times. We give our electricity and natural gas customers the added confidence due to our zero tolerance policy for non-professionalism acts.

4. We are proactive:

We keep on top of our customer’s energy renewal dates and ensure that you are ready with a better, more competitively priced electricity and/or natural gas offering every renewal time. Get Energy Rate (CRM) automatically notifies the energy broker who services your account 60-90 days out and you the customer that your coming up for contract renewal. With a wide range of options available through our Online Portal, we are also able to easily identify and update the contact information for each of our customers. All our customers usually just email or call to let us know that there has been a change in personnel.

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